Monday, July 6, 2009

SNSD Tiffany's butt is hanging out



Some responses from netizens:
  • how come she’s always the one with the shortest skirt/ pant/top compared to the rest of the girls? Her legs don’t look like the ones I saw on the promo pics. Guess that was photoshop doing it’s thing.
  • ewww… I know she has short legs and needs to try to hitch those shorts up high to give a longer leg apperance but this looks a little on the tacky side.
  • Wow, I just realized I have nicer legs than her,
    thanks Fany, you make me feel better about myself.
  • eww her legs are so freaking ugly! she should seriously wear something appropriate. hate her for trying too hard.


  1. how about u stop hating on idols just because u cant be one? for the person who says her legs are freaking ugly, u need to GET A GRIP on reality. and why are u talking about how skanky they are but not mentioning that their bodies arent perfect examples for girls becuase they use padding, how about that?

  2. Ironically, Antis make the best fans. They are always attentive to the group. In the comments above, one person wrote "Her legs don’t look like the ones I saw on the promo pics." (netizen 1) The netizens pay more attention to the groups than the soshified fans. Because they know more than the actual fans, they have become a better fan than the supporters. Secondly, they keep coming back to criticize, but at the same time, videos are getting their views. On Youtube, if one person views a video, it is counted as one "views". When antis come back to restate their opinions, they give the groups more views and making them more popular. Because netizens choose to go back and give a "view" to the group and make the groups famous, the netizens are the best fans.

  3. because your ass va tiffany has beautiful legs and an idiot and pressed so that as you could tell that her legs are ugly, the more i see the difference how many men are behind her and then those behind you, or you have bet leg rod pal or you're a fat one so jealous as well talk ta.
    note: see if you care to see darling